studio seven started as an installation

art piece with a one year plan....after

completion it remained the perfect space to it serves as a unique

working gallery and is always available

by appointment to host small events or

for the art lover that would enjoy a private showing of THORBERG’s many new for details....

studio seven is the perfect small nook of inspiration tucked away near the artist community of Costa Mesa....the LAB...

the Camp...South Coast Plaza...and more...special thanks to friend and fellow artist darren GRANT for his many creative contributions on this project...                  studio seven - 2011



Scott Douglas Thorberg was born in the USA in 1967 and raised on the outskirts of St. Louis, Missouri. “The house I grew up in backed up to tens of thousands of acres of pure nature before hitting the Missouri river, on the other side of the river, tens of thousands of acres”.  Needless to say, nature plays a huge role in the art today. 

At the age of 19 Scott designed and built a unique car which he planned on living in while chasing dreams as a rock star or stuntman.  Even though he was close to his rock-star dream, opening up for bands like the Go Go’s, the English Beat, Poison, Meredith Brooks and more, it was the ART that ultimately prevailed. 

Thorberg’s first homemade art car - a converted 1974 Monte Carlo

Modified for many months on the road chasing dreams. . . . That’s

my Nephew Devin, when he saw this, he looked up and said...

“That’s the ugliest car I’ve ever seen” . . . a classic line to this day!

Thorberg now resides in Southern California full time and continues to pursue a career in Fine Art. “With the many challenges and occasional brawls with pure poverty it is still worth it!” says Scott. 

ART - MUSIC - INNOVATION are the only things that keep him excited.  “There is no place in this world for me behind a desk or within the confines of the traditional work space, at this point, thirty years into this, I would loose my mind if I couldn’t create and invent daily”.

Stay tuned for future works of art, original music, innovation and more.

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